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Funny / A Piece of Rebellion

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  • Blind Seer Vitruvius deciding that the best way to break GCBC's handcuffs is to use a battleaxe. Followed by offering to take another swing when he only cut the chain.
  • So Bad Cop has been brought into his mind, where he can create anything he desires. What's the first thing he does? Summon a chair to beat up. Followed by MORE CHAIRS after Vitruvius tries explaining this to him.
  • Benny accidentally calls Emmet who is working for Lord Business at the time and proceeds to gleefully rip into him. "You are a huge stinker and I don't like you! At all!"
  • The majority of Chapter 6, with most of the main cast imagining their ideal resolutions to the story so far. Particularly:

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