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  • "Real estate!"
  • Schroeder trying to play Jingle Bells to Lucy's satisfaction. His first attempt has his piano sounding like a regular grand piano. His second attempt has it sounding like an organ. On his third attempt, he's completely exasperated when Lucy openly flirts with him, and stops putting forth any effort; he stares at Lucy with a "completely done with this" Death Glare on his face and plays each note with one finger without taking his eyes off of her, while his piano starts sounding like a toy piano. And then Lucy screams "THAT'S IT!!!", which sends Schroeder flying.
  • Snoopy mocking Lucy's directing demands and gestures, then ducking her fist and licking her in retaliation.
    • Lucy: "Yes, he's even a good penguin."
    • Better yet, Snoopy does an imitation of all the animals Lucy wants him to do and after she says the above-mentioned line, he jumps onto her head, imitating a vulture.
    • "AUGH! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!" Then Snoopy makes a disgusted face, as if to say "That was no picnic for me, either!"
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  • Snoopy's dancing to Schroeder's music, until Lucy and Schroeder glare at him, after which he sulks away sheepishly.
  • Linus gets a lot of good lines:
    "Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it's getting too dangerous."
    "Gee, do they still make wooden Christmas trees?"
    "Maybe Lucy's right: Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest."
  • Charlie Brown: I've killed it...
    • Also, the catchy jazz music in the background reflects the Christmas tree drooping down, before cutting out completely.
    • Although, this scene counts as both this and a Tear Jerker.
  • The kids dancing, particularly Shermy doing the zombie walk and 5 doing... whatever he's doing.
    • And Violet's air-punching. What's up with that?
  • Lucy and Linus arguing over Linus having to memorize a script:
    Linus: Give me one good reason why I should memorize this.
    Lucy: I'll give you FIVE good reasons!" [holds up five fingers and makes, finger by finger, into a fist] "One! Two! Three! Four! FIVE!!
    Linus: Those are good reasons! Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it's getting too dangerous!
    • Linus' response to Lucy asking him to get rid of the blanket after being threatened with her fist...
    Lucy: And get rid of that stupid blanket! What's a Christmas shepherd going to look like holding a stupid blanket like that?
    Linus: Well, this is one shepherd who's going to keep his trusty blanket with him. [drapes blanket over his head like a shepherd's hat] See? You wouldn't hit an innocent shepherd, would you?
  • The way Frieda says her line when she complains about having to work with Pig-Pen:
    Frieda: We can't go on — there's too much dust. It's taking the curl out of my naturally curly HAIR!
    • Frieda's line is even funnier if you actually HAVE naturally curly hair, and know that this is just nonsense.
    • She tries to shame Pig Pen by shoving a mirror in his face... but he's too chill for that.
    Pig Pen: On the contrary; I didn't think I looked that good.
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  • When Lucy pushes her "Lucy the Christmas Queen" idea again at the rehearsal....
    Lucy: "Are you gonna let all this beauty go to waste?!"
  • In a Meta example, during the 1966 Emmy Awards, when the special won the award for Outstanding Children's Program, it was mispronounced as "A Charlie Bound Christmas''. Yup, even in real life, something winds up going wrong for Charlie Brown!
  • Some of the child actors didn't know how to read, so they had to be fed their lines one at a time, leading to such unintentionally hilarious lines as:
    • "In spite of my outward appearance, I shall try to run (splice) a neat inn".
    • "All I want is what I...have coming to me. (splice) All I want is my fair share".
  • Shermy's one line is pretty funny, in a dry sort of way.
    Shermy: Every Christmas is the same. I always end up playing a shepherd.
  • Snoopy decorating his dog house for a Christmas display contest.
    Charlie: [reading flyer] "Find the true meaning of Christmas? Win money, money, money? Spectacular, super-colossal neighborhood Christmas lights and display contest?" Lights and display contest?! Oh, no! My own dog, gone commercial.
    • Also; The fact that HE WINS! A dog and his dog house is the winner of the big neighborhood house-decorating contest!
  • "Man's best friend..."


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