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Headscratchers / A Charlie Brown Christmas

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  • At one point in the special Charlie Brown mentions how he never got a Christmas Card and says something like, "I know nobody likes me, why do we have to have a holiday to prove it?" Isn't LINUS his friend? Doesn't LINUS like him? Why doesn't Linus send him a Christmas Card? OK, he sees Charlie every day, but he must know how much Charlie wants one, and he's supposed to be his BEST friend. Why can't Linus send him a Christmas Card? He must know it might make him feel better.
    • Maybe Linus only sends pumpkin cards.
  • Did the twins ever appear in the Peanuts comic?
    • Yes, they first appeared in a strip from 1963, and last appeared in 1968.
    • Their names are 3 and 4. Their brother, 5, is also seen in the dance number, and was a minor recurring character for quite a while.

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