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Fun With Acronyms / Stand-Up Comedy

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  • George Carlin's strategy for taking out the terrorists after 9/11 was to deploy huge football fans in all the caves in Afghanistan after months of eating beans, cheese, cabbage, and beer. He called it the Flatulent Airborne Recovery Team.
  • Richard Herring regularly turns the titles of his shows into acronyms and insists on calling them by that name, often involving the crowd in a Call And Response. For instance, As It Occurs To me becomes 'AIOTM!', That Was Then, This Is Now becomes 'TWTTIN!', and This Morning With Richard Not Judy becomes 'TMWRNJ!'
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  • In one stand-up routine, Dara Ó Briain talks about when he and his wife attended a pre-natal class while she was pregnant. Dara comments that such classes in England are run by the NCT, or National Childbirth Trust. He then points out that in Ireland NCT stands for "National Car Test".
    I, like a fuckin' idiot, forgot that, and walked out at the start of this tour saying, "Well I took my pregnant wife in for an NCT," and the whole room recoiled in horror, as if to go, "Why would you do that? Why would you take her into a garage and say, 'Jaysus, the handling is gone, she's all over the road! Mind you, the headlamps, the headlamps are better than I've ever seen them, don't touch them!'"

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