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Fun With Acronyms / Professional Wrestling

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  • When Lance Storm, the leader of WCW's Team Canada, won the WCW Hardcore Championship, he (in Kayfabe, in reality it was Vince Russo) renamed it the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title.
    • According to Storm, Vince Russo wanted to call said belt the Stu Hart International Title, but WCW was unable to get permission from Mr. Hart.
    • Similarly, when WWE wrestler Rosey became The Hurricane's sidekick, he was at first known as a Super Hero In Training. He'd usually wear a T-shirt with the phrase written in magic marker, with the left-hand side of each word lined up vertically and the first letter larger than the rest, just to drive the point home.
  • Here are some initials that were attributed to Russo:
    • Terri Invitational Tournament.
    • Terri, Jacqueline, and Ryan Shamrock formed a stable in the late 90's called the Pretty Mean Sisters.
    • After renouncing the identity of Goldust, Dustin Rhodes spent a short while in 1998 as a parody of Moral Guardians, representing Evangelists Against Television, Movies and Entertainment.
    • The J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) Squad (Bob Holly, 2 Cold Scorpio, Al Snow, The Blue Meanie and "Gillberg"). Of course, it's really just a huge Lampshade Hanging on jobbing; it was only ever referred to in spoken form as the "Job Squad."
    • Sports Entertainment Xtreme.
    • Voodoo Kin Mafia, which has no other meaning other than being a Take That! towards Vince McMahon (whose middle name is "Kennedy").
  • There's also the meaning behind the name TNA: Total Nonstop Action. This was actually a backronym; the name TNA originally stood for Tuesday Night All-stars, until In Demand rescheduled their show to Wednesdays shortly before their debut. Since they'd already done a lot of promotion and design using the letters TNA in their logo, they had to come up with something new to fit the acronym.
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  • Hog-farming cousins Henry O. Godwin and Phineas I. Godwin.
  • Heel tax collector Irwin R. Schyster (aka Mike Rotunda).
  • David McLane has created three different women's wrestling promotions that use this trope: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, Women Of Wrestling, and Powerful Women of Wrestling.
  • Trish Stratus' T & A: Test & Albert
  • Santino Marella did this once against the Corre by having a group known as APPLE or "Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything" you stand for, which consisted of him, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.
  • WSU has the team of Annie Social and Kimber Lee who refer to themselves as C U Next Tuesday.
  • An all-women's wrestling promotion exists called Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling. "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake wondered on Twitter if one lost a match there, did it make them a BLOW Jobber?
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  • The stable of ex-members of The Corporation that assembled for a month against the Corporate Ministry in 1999 was called the Union of People You Oughta Respect, Son, although Mankind only used the name when the group debuted. For its short run, it was just called the Union.
  • Palmer Cannon, a politically correct UPN executive who had a brief run on SmackDown.
  • WAW Wrestling once had a stable of Juggalos called the Inner City Posse.
  • A common nickname for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is the Andre Rousimoff Memorial Battle Royal, or ARMBAR. Chris Jericho would be proud