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Fridge / Transformers: War for Cybertron

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Warpath is the only named Tank-alternate Autobot, and is consistently referred to as a 'kid'... he's young enough to have been made after the war started/escalated!
  • Megatron hardly appears in the Autobot campaign, despite having Optimus inside Kaon. He blew more of his Dark Energon power on corrupting Omega Supreme than he let on, and was too busy recuperating while Optimus was fighting back.
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  • While some reviewers have highlighted how your NPC allies in the single player campaign tend to exhibit Artificial Stupidity, it takes on an entirely different feel when you're playing with Megatron as an AI ally. Charging head-long into overwhelming enemy firepower, shooting his own allies, or otherwise causing their deaths through his own self-absorbed arrogance is completely in-character for Megatron.

Fridge Horror

  • Towards the end, you have to escape from Trypticon before he transforms and crushes you inside. Based on an earlier fight, it's not unlikely that he had a crew.
    • Even if they did survive the transformation (since he's chucking Seekers at you in the middle of the battle), they probably didn't after Trypticon crashed into Cybertron.
      • Then again the crew would be the same kind of Decepticons you had just spent the last chapter (and the previous 3 chapters for that matter) mercilessly slaughtering, so many of them were probably already dead by our hands. And before someone points out that there were Autobots on the station in chapter 1, it has likely been weeks since then, any Autobots who didn't escape when the Decepticons rook over have likely been executed by that point. To be clear I'm saying we shouldn't feel bad about indirectly killing many or our enemies, after 'intentionally' killing their allies.

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