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Fridge Horror

  • Consider that someone like Dr. Despicable has been operating for a long time despite his corrupt and horrific activities. Out of the many characters victimized and killed in-story, he's still out there and is last seen making a horrific bet with another corrupt doctor. The latter fact brings up more Fridge Horror in just wondering how many other messed up people are present within the Funnies world.
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  • Hicks/Frosty Pete has a nasty habit of pulling off Nothing Is Scarier which leads to this. He is shown walking off with one of Timmy's friends with the implication that he murdered the child. At the end of the comic, he is seen walking off with Sally Gator's new baby...
  • Consider this. Moe the Crow not only had his family leave him but now also will suffer from AIDS due to being (presumably) raped by that bulldog in jail. If Moe is still alive by the end of the comic's story, he'll also have to deal with the fact that his family was massacred.


Fridge Logic

  • If Troy Hicks is in the cartoon world, is he still writing the comic? Can't the cartoon character he replaced write himself back into the comic? Did everything just end when the comic ended or did it keep going?
    • How can nobody be aware of the fact that they're comic characters, if they directly address the readers all the time?
      • Well, to be fair, breaking the fourth wall was done in old cartoons, too.
    • How could Pete-in-Hicks'-body have a "creepy Mel Blanc voice", as stated by the real life policeman in the end, if he never was an animated character to begin with?
      • Likely just a rule of the art style. If they're talking in the real world, they're going to have a voice. So, something like that would logically have that sort of voice.
    • And here's the biggest one: Troy explains that one of the reasons he wants to escape his execution by going into the comic world is because there's no afterlife. However, he does everything by using occult magic (that's highly hinted at to be Satanic in nature). So Troy uses magic that almost certainly is granted by some kind of higher power to escape the Nothing After Death. ...How do these two work in conjunction?!
      • Maybe there actually is a god, or gods, but they just don't care enough to create an afterlife?
      • It wouldn't be out of character for Troy to simply be a nihilist; even if there is a higher power or afterlife, he's just convinced himself there isn't as part of his warped viewpoint of the world.
      • Or there's an afterlife, but not for bad people. After all, what's worse than just stopping?

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