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Fridge Brilliance

  • According to Abagail, the entire Free Zone was The Plan by God to get a few of the committee members further west.
  • Then, by sending them west seemingly without any plan to actually overthrow Flagg, the members cause him to assemble all of his followers in one place to witness their execution, so that they can be destroyed by the bomb Trash brings back.
    • It also means there's no one to stop the bomb from getting within striking distance of Flagg's spell. If he had left people on the outskirts of town to kill Trash on sight, like he wanted earlier, the plan would've failed, but no, he has to demonstrate to ALL his followers what happens to anyone who challenges him - even if these challengers, in and of themselves, pose no real threat to him.
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  • Frannie wouldn't date Harold if he was the last man on Earth...and when he briefly becomes the last man on Earth, she proves it.
Fridge Horror
  • King's works all share a universe, with The Stand taking place in an alternate continuity. The flu is very unlikely to have affected the vampires from 'Salem's Lot, who would be forced to leave their home base in search of survivors for food. Just imagine what a dent they could make in the surviving population.
    • Heck, if you go by the original dates King used, Pennywise would wake up in 1985... Look around, notice everything's gone, and then what? The sewer system goes all over, and the stable, tiny communities of survivors - probably having as many babies as possible - might end up with a hungry abomination feasting on its kids... Waking up to decimate each new generation of young survivors...brrr.

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