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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • One before the superflu is a Bait-and-Switch moment when Nick Andros is initially picked up for vagrancy by a small-town sheriff, only to reveal that he'd actually been lying there after being beat up and left half-dead by a bunch of local bullies, whose leader the sheriff recognizes as his brother-in-law from Nick's description. In most stories, this would lead to a cover-up by a Corrupt Hick but in this one, the sheriff deputizes Nick and hurries to arrest his attackers as a way of making up to him for what happened, feeling a sense of responsibility given his relationship to the main attacker.
  • The scene in the book when Bateman's adopted dog Kojak appears, malnourished and wounded, on the porch of his home in Boulder, after having been left behind by Bateman's group 2,000 miles away. To quote Stu, the East Texan, "That there is a good dog."
    • Later, as Stu breaks his legs and is left for dead, guess who hunts rabbits for him and brings him wood to make some fire?
    • "Stu said that God might send a raven to feed him. I doubt there are any ravens here so maybe He sent a dog instead."
  • When Stu and Tom Cullen are staying in a town on Christmas morning during their trip back to Boulder, Stu sets up a tree and wraps presents for Tom. Tom, who didn't know it would be Christmas, is very happy when he wakes up.
    • Double CMoH as Tom starts berating himself as stupid for not remembering it was Christmas and not getting anything for Stu.
      Stu squatted on the snowcrust beside him. “Tom,” he said. “You gave me my Christmas present early.”
      “No, sir, I never did. I forgot. Tom Cullen’s nothing but a dummy, M-O-O-N, that spells dummy.”
      “But you did, you know. The best one of all. I’m still alive. I wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for you.”
      Tom looked at him uncomprehendingly.
      “If you hadn’t come along when you did, I would have died in that washout west of Green River. And if it hadn’t been for you, Tom, I would have died of pneumonia or the flu or whatever it was back there in the Utah Hotel. I don’t know how you picked the right pills….if it was Nick or God or just plain old luck, but you did it. You got no sense, calling yourself a dummy. If it hadn’t been for you, I never would have seen this Christmas. I’m in your debt.”
      Tom said, “Aw, that ain’t the same,” but he was glowing with pleasure.
      “It is the same,” Stu said seriously.
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    • Another nice moment is when Stu finds a projector and old movie reels and treats himself and Tom to a night of movie watching. Complete with bags of popcorn, since you can't watch a movie without popcorn.
  • In the miniseries, right before the nuke goes off in Las Vegas, Larry and Ralph hear Mother Abagail one last time as she comforts them. Larry joyfully responds:
    Mother Abagail: You done good, boys. Come on home.
    Larry: Take us home.
  • Certainly the ending, giving a very completing World Half Full scenario with the birth and immunity to the Superflu of Peter and showing newfound hope for humanity's survival.
    • A small one that's easy to miss, but during that ending, Stu has taken up pipe-smoking, almost certainly as a tribute to the deceased Bateman.

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