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Fridge / The Mad Doctor

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Fridge Horror

  • Note that the chicken is somewhat alarmed, though not entirely overwhelmed, at seeing someone in a mask strap a puppy to a chair. As soon as The Mad Doctor takes off the mask to reveal who he is, the chicken breaks down in TEARS. Apparently, the very presence of The Mad Doctor is much more overwhelming to the chicken than the presence of someone who would merely strap a puppy to a chair, implying that the chicken is well aware that The Mad Doctor has done far worse things before.
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  • What The Doc was planning to do to Pluto and the chicken: it's basically The Human Centipede plot in a Disney short.
  • As The Nostalgia Critic said it, Minnie Mouse was in the title screen but nowhere in the short. What's to say that in the dream-verse, she's the first victim of the Mad Doctor and Mickey didn't even know?

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