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Fridge Brilliance

  • Several people have been complaining about the lack of a save system in this game, and doubly so upon hearing the rumor that it was a design choice by the original (fan) creators. But think about it: Though Mega Man was the only other Mega Man title that didn't allow you to save or use passwords, when were you ever allowed to save or use passwords in a Street Fighter game? — Donaldthe Potholer
    • Depends on if we're disregarding home ports and Compilation Rereleases, of course. — X2X
    • Passwords were added in the V2 patch, so it's probably just a case of the feature not making it in time for the December 7 release.
  • The identity of the boss who is weak to Blanka's Tropical Hazard is this. In canon, this person (it's Rose, by the way) is already confirmed to have low blood pressure. Considering that watermelons lower blood pressure, the possible risk of hypotension might explain why said character isn't too keen on being pelted in the face by a watermelon in the first place. — X2X
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  • The bosses' pattern are rather erratic, especially that of Ryu's, what with spamming hadoukens and invincibility-granting spinning kicks. But then again, don't most Street Fighter players do so?
  • Remember how in Mega Man X1 and Mega Man X2, X learns how to perform the Hadōken and the Shōryūken? Now take this game into consideration where Mega Man gets the former from Ryu after defeating him. Suddenly it starts to make sense, as if Dr. Light studied the weapon after the events of the game and later had it made as a weapon for X in 21XX.

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