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Fridge / Metal Gear Solid The Abridged Snakes

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The reason the Metal Gears (and Gekkos) aside from the First Ray are all voice by CDI Zelda soundbites. It's a shout out to what may be the direct ancestor of Abridging, the Youtube Poop and of course you can't think of the CDI Games without thinking of some manner of silly edit gag that's been done with them.
  • In Puns of the Patriots Episode 2, Meryl sarcastically comments about her young stepmother, asking her what her favorite Ninja Turtle was. Snake remarks that he was "more of a Raph man." This is fitting since one of Snake's friends was Gray Fox, who was (at one time) voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced Raphael.
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  • In Puns of the Patriots Episode 7, Snake runs into Torgo of all people while searching for Naomi. It seems like a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment at first, but bear in mind the scene was preceded by Snake running into the handprint pavement square. Puns Of The Patriots indeed.
  • The reason why the soldiers in Episode 0 of Snake Theater all die with a WilheimScream is due to the titular sound effect having first been used in 1951 while Snake Theater takes place in 1964, a few years prior to the scream's usage in popular media.

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