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Fridge Logic

  • A classic example is a simple gag that takes advantage of Metabee being a KBT-type. Henry sets a trap for him that involves laying a watermelon as bait, counting on Metabee's beetle instincts to do the rest for him. You really shouldn't think too much about this, because then you'll be asking yourself why mouthless robots have any inclination towards organic food at all.

Fridge Brilliance

  • When the Rubberrobo gang first Took a Level in Badass, the World Medabot Federation revealed that the same individual could robattle under independent identities and have each identities' matches count for points, which the gang used to their advantage to knock Ikki down in the standings (for reasons that basically boil down to "Ikki needs a new headache in the plot", but we digress). During the tournament, Team Japan basically inverts the rule, by having multiple people battle under the same identity.
  • In the dub, Hikaru had renamed himself as Henry after the "Ten Days of Darkness" incident, but in the original version this doesn't happen. However, if you think about this, the kids react with an "ah, what a coincidence" expression because of the mention of the name of "Hikaru Agata". That is, because at the first time Hikaru interacts with Ikki, he is just another clerk and is called "Combi-nii-chan", and later when he starts assuming his "Big Brother Mentor" role, the kids start calling him "Hikaru-nii-chan". So, when Joe Swihan revealed that Uchuu Medarotter X was Hikaru Agata, the kids never knew Hikaru's last name. Until, of course, Ikki started putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find out that their friendly convenience store clerk have always been Agata. It's also mentioned there wasn't any record left from the event, perhaps making it impossible to research a photo of "Hikaru Agata", besides the fact that there could be other people going with that name in Japan, as well.
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  • In Medabots Spirit, the Kilobots seem to become smarter over time, even for newer versions of the past models like Unitrix and Exor. Now why would that be the case when the initial models were made to be just like killing machines without mercy? Simple, after Ginkai couldn't have Unitrix stop a truck because "Stop the Truck" wasn't an attack, he likely told Kam about this problem and Kam was smart enough to fix it, realizing that his Kilobots won't sell if they can't save their owners in dangerous situations like normal Medabots.


Fridge Horror

  • In episode 25, whenever Dr. Meta-Evil's henchman fails him, he turns them into teddy bears. Can you imagine what it's like to stay as an inanimate object, for who knows how long?
  • In Metabee's dream Ikki found Metabee cradling his Sailor Multi friend under his favorite tree from his past as Kiumu. Now this is assumed to be after the war that wiped out the medabots, so in that moment Metabee/Kiumu was The Last of His Kind. Worse still how did Kiumu die if everyone else had already died?

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