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  • How did the first killer of series 2 get into the backseat of a police car without being detected?
    • THAT is an easy one. It's implied a few times that the killer has his(girlfriend? ex?) help him, so he could have just snuck in quickly when she opened the door to get out, or even have gotten in before any of them entered the car, and the girl just let him hide in the back. It's dark and he was in black clothing.
    • The ex-wife is not involved; when Gray and Miss Calvert exit the car, we can see that the dome light doesn't work. And Ripley is focused on the house, so it's not that unbelievable Pell could get in without being noticed. What remains unbelievable is how he knows where to go. He can't be following them from the station because he's over in Edgmont Terrace moments before they leave.
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    • My theory is that he was hidden in the trunk. A lot of cars have seats that fold down so you can get to the trunk from the backseat and vice versa. When he realized he wasn't going to get a chance at his ex-wife he grabbed Justin. I wondered how he got Justin out of there though. Warren Brown is not short(He 5'9" he just seems shorter cuz he's always standing next to Idris Elba) and he is solid muscle. How the hell did skinny Cameron Pell supposed to have dragged him out of there without anyone else seeing? Or get him out of there before Gray came back down again?
  • This may be because I'm an american with no knowledge of the British private school transportation system, but don't they normally discontinue a line of buses before they're sent out to the public?
    • Nope.
    • To add, often they're the very same vehicles that are used on public routes.
  • Couldn't they have used thermal sniping to shoot the killer in the truck in episode 4? They had trained snipers, and they were using amplified microphones to monitor what Luther was saying when he encouraged the killer to put away the dead man switch?
    • Thermal sights have issues over distances and they were trying to keep out of the blast radius. Also the priority was to stop the bomb going off so they still needed to get him to disable the deadman's switch. Not to mention some materials considerable reduce the effectiveness of thermal sights, additionally if the truck had been in the sun just a bit early or was still in sunlight they wouldn't see anything at all. Amplified microphones work by vibrations so as long as the truck was still it would work, but I thought he had a tactical radio in his jacket with the mic switched on.
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  • Fridge Horror:At the beginning of season 2, we see Luther playing russian roulette with himself. At first, it just plain out seems that Luther is depressed. But as we go on with the season, we see the full extent of Luther's influence and reputation. His very name killed his wife, drove Ian insane and turned Alice into a weapon. People use Luther to kill and intimidate other people, Luther works outside the law multiple times and people get killed. Even if he's justified, in the end he's achieving some of the same results as the people he's putting away, and he's tired of it. It makes the entire scene with the gasoline in the finale all the more dangerous, and it reveals that the truth is, Luther wasn't just depressed, he was willing to get rid of himself because he saw himself as just as bad.

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