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  • Luther having a bad day, his wife truly leaves him. He witnesses a husband run off with diamonds leaving his wife to be gutted. Luther is in a church and confides in Alice, who he called that she was right. Alice renews his faith that while the universe is cold and harsh, love exists.
    • Episode six as Luther is questioning Alice on her state of mind.
      Alice: What's wrong ?
      Luther: Mind you, do you ever step outside yourself and wonder what you're doing and think you've gone mad?
      Alice: No. Look, you and I are who we are. (Steps closer to Luther) So I need you to know this John. Of all the people in the world... I would never betray you.
  • In series 2, Luther choosing to take Jenny in to protect her. By the end of the series, he's a full on Parental Substitute for her.
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  • Series 3: "He's my mate and I love him." Naturally, this becomes a Tear Jerker when Justin is killed at the end of the episode.
  • The conversation between Alice and Luther in the Series 3 finale, where Alice finally makes her feelings perfectly clear to Luther. "I wanted something." "What?" "You."

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