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  • Luther figuring out Alice in their first conversation on the precinct. Especially poignant since up to that point, we don't know what's the whole fuss about him. And he delivers.
  • Luther working out that the shooting of a police officer was not intended to be fatal, only to draw more police officers to the crime scene in an open courtyard with no cover.
  • Zoe standing up to Alice and explaining to her her feelings towards John.
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  • Martin Schenk sweating a perp without even raising his voice.
  • Luther, his hand nailed to a table, pulls the nail out with his other hand.
  • Cameron Pell's downfall. When he kidnaps a school bus of kids, intending to suffocate them with engine smoke, one boy slips away. He tussles with him and loses his mask. Luther and Justin arrive in time, the boy being held at knifepoint. Luther forces a Villainous Breakdown on Cameron by completely ignoring him and throwing away his mask, talking to the boy and walking without a care in the world to the kidnapped children. Then, to finish it up, the hostage escapes with ease and Ripley clocks Pell in the face(after Pell had spent quite a while torturing Justin).
  • John's final confrontation with Nicholas; Nicholas has a dead man's switch meaning that if a sniper shoots him people will die when the bombs go off. Luther manipulates his ego and obsession to trick him into deactivating the switch, before telling the snipers where to shoot. Cameron is taken down with no civilian casualties.
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  • John using Jenny's accidental murder of Toby to his advantage - he no longer has anyone blackmailing him and after he frames Frank for the killing, Toby's grandma has no leverage against him. Also, he makes her back off by invoking Alice Morgan. We don't know if they actually spoke about it, but one could be pretty sure it would barely took one phone call for her to make good on that promise.
  • John sneaking into a house with the help of one of the girls living there while Paul Ellison is holding the toher two girls hostage.
  • Idris Elba winning a Golden Globe for "Best Actor In A Miniseries".
  • Benny showing serial-killer Carney a picture of Luther and the three women he had sent Paul to kill giving him the finger is this and a Moment of Funny aswell.
  • "The A between the L and the R. Aim low".
  • Alice and Mary taking turns saving one another's lives in the finale, even though they've only known each other for about ten minutes.
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  • Alice getting away with murder, despite the best efforts of the great DCI John Luther. It's not good, but it's awesome.
  • Alice's return in series 3, wearing a gas mask, and using a spike strip, tear gas grenade, baton and pepper spray to free Luther from Stark and Gray.

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