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Fridge / Kamen Rider 555
aka: Kamen Rider Faiz

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Fridge Brilliance

  • A superhero who transforms using a high-tech cellular phone has a tragic flaw in an inability to communicate.
    • Not only that, but one of the romantic relationships started off with two people simply texting each other on cellphones, and how one's Start of Darkness began with them falling to their death while they were on their cellphone.
    • Near the end, a song called "Eyes Glazing Over" was used as the ending song. If translated, one of the lines is "Don't ignore me, listen." As in "don't ignore me and listen to what I have to say", which makes sense when, by the end, everyone starts to understand better.
  • Keitaro sneezes in one of the early episodes, and claims that it's his allergy to dirt. Every other time he sneezes, it's in the presence of an Orphenoch—and it seems that's what he's allergic to. Now, when he sneezed for that first time, the only people nearby were Mari and Takumi ...the latter of whom is later revealed to be an Orphenoch.
  • Early on in the series, Takumi does not seem to be phased, or surprised by, the existence of Orphenochs. At first, it seems it's just because of his "I don't care" attitude, but later it makes more sense—since he is an Orphenoch himself, it's only natural that he wouldn't br surprised.
  • As one watcher pointed out, the show’s legendary Poor Communication Kills actually makes sense. Half of the cast are in the Ineffectual Loner or I Work Alone camp, while the other half are in the Manipulative Bastard camp. They’re the type of people who WOULDN’T talk to others about their problems.

Alternative Title(s): Kamen Rider Faiz