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Fridge / Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

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  • The closing minutes of Episode 8 show Ushiwakamaru coming to her senses as Kingu/Fake Enkidu release captured children. When she asks why he releases them, he says he doesn't have grudges against children like Tiamat. Ushiwakamaru, however, mocks his "mercy" by saying this demonstrates how amateurish at warfare Tiamat and her host, by extension, are. While unsettling enough coming from a Servant siding with the heroes, it's also, technically, Truth in Television. After all, as demonstrated by The Tale of the Heike, it was the sparing of the Genji children (such as Yoritomo and Ushiwaka/Yoshitsune herself) that guaranteed their seeking revenge—and, by extension, it was the termination of Heike scions that guaranteed they will never rise again.

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