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The possible voice actors of the characters who debuted here if it gets an English dub (except for Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Jaguar Warrior and Gilgamesh):

The Opening Theme will be done by a Female Singer.

The Ending theme will be done by either a Band or Female Singer.

  • uru
  • Aimer
  • FLOW
  • Granrodeo
    • Confirmed for the female but jossed for all those choice above. Eir Aoi will do the ending.

There will be a Special Ending theme being sung by Ushiwakamaru's VA, Saori Hayami.

  • Possibly will be heard during her character's supposed Heroic Sacrifice since she will come back as Tiamat's child.
    • Jossed. But if it had, it will hear on Benkei's Heroic Sacrifice when she became Tiamat's offspring.

Ereshkigal will have a British accent in the dub ala Rachel Alucard.

  • To emphasize her Tsundere aspects and differentiate her voice from Ishtar's.

In relation to the above WMG, the English dub cast would be from Funimation

There will be a season 2

  • 20ish episodes to cover all of the Babylonia arc will be tricky and run the risk of a Compressed Adaptation. However, if they do a second season, they can properly adapt the whole story. It will likely be called: "Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Mesopotamia", like in game.
    • Adding to that season one will likely end with Gorgon's defeat and the real Tiamat's awakening.
    • But since episode 11 covers chapter 11, it will be unlikely to have a 2nd season since the second cour will cover the rest of the chapter.

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