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Heartwarming / Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Episode 2:
    • Ana being brought out of her shell when a guardsman offers her some sweets to eat.

  • Episode 3:
    • Ritsuka and Mash's first night in Uruk as everyone gets to feast and know each other.
    • When Ana holds some silver coins in her hand, the closeup reveals images of Enkidu printed on them. Gilgamesh cherished Enkidu so much that he even had his kingdom's currency reflect it.
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    • Around the tail-end of the episode, Ana asked for Ritsuka and Mashu's help to eliminate some monsters in Uruk's underground. Ana explains these monsters were held to be responsible for the spate of recent deaths-by-illness in Uruk. It was eventually revealed that they seem to be targeting the house of the kindly flower house-keeper they met earlier—one of the few people who treats Ana without suspicion and with warm kindness.

  • Episode 5:
    • Much of the Episode shows Gilgamesh at his most positive traits: he shows himself to be very good/amiable to the children at the streets, he is quite reasonable despite being an all-business boss (at least in demeanor)—and quite unusually for him, he even takes Mash's comment on him playing hooky from work in stride. This also helps further humanize him as someone who has learned enough from his experiences in life. Which makes it way more heartbreaking when, at the end of the episode, he finally faces off with "Enkidu"—the reminder of his biggest failure and defeat.

  • Episode 6:
    • Ritsuka and Ushiwakamaru have several moments in which the former reveals he's read about her history and even considers her one of his childhood heroes, to which she's truly touched by and admitting he's the first who's ever understood her since her big brother.
    • Ritsuka choosing to untie Ishtar when the undead of Kutha rise at night so she can escape without issue, despite their rather antagonistic relationship so far, because of her actions in aiding Uruk. Even though it's actually Ereshkigal in control at the time, she's still touched and chooses to wipe out the undead for the heroes, and becomes further touched when Ritsuka thanks her for it.

  • Episode 9:
    • Ritsuka, Mash, and Merlin meeting up with Ana again and their happiness at seeing her up and feeling better. They also reassure her when she apologizes for not being of more use in Nippur, and Fou climbs up on her shoulder and nuzzles her cheek. The entire scene is extremely sweet and adorable.
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    • The entire fireside chat between Ritsuka and Ishtar (or, rather, Ereshkigal possessing her while she sleeps) is very adorable, but special mention goes to when he assures her that no, he doesn't hate her, and he wasn't going to run away from her.

  • Episode 10:
    • In a roundabout way, the fact that Quetzalcoatl and Jaguar Warrior has a roundabout way of fighting Uruk and the Three Goddess Alliance counts as one. Being genuinely heroic spirits who know that Tiamat is serious about killing humanity in their time, they go through the motions of killing and abducting the men, while resurrecting them afterwards and keeping them safe as a reserve army that they can deploy when the alliance breaks down. The fact that they're doing this while coming off as the kookiest of the goddesses' camps is a feat in and of itself.

  • Episode 12:
    • Ritsuka quickly comes to Ereshkigal's defense even after learning she is a part of the Three Goddess Alliance, insisting she's not a bad person and hoping they can talk out their differences even as his friends are preparing for a fight. They may not have had a lot of time together, but he clearly cares about her.

  • Episode 13:
    • Almost everything after Ereshkigal reveals her true form is extremely heartwarming. Fujimaru expresses his happiness that Ereshkigal is actually a good person who likes humans and was trying to protect them in the only way she knew how, and welcomes her as an ally and friend. Meanwhile Ereshkigal, for her part, turns into an Adorkable blushy mess for most of the scene but is encouraged by how Fujimaru treats her, and promises to return the favor someday. (And those who played the game know that she makes true on her promise.)
    • Ishtar's reason for going down to the underworld in the original myth was concern for Ereshkigal. Ishtar disliked how Ereshkigal remained cooped up in the underworld with no company and wanted to go down and encourage her to step out every now and then. She didn't understand the necessity of what Ereshkigal was doing by remaining in the underworld at all times, but the gesture proves that despite their rivalry Ishtar really does care about Ereshkigal.
      • Related to the above: who's the first person to react when Ziusu-dra seemingly cuts Ereshkigal in half (he actually severed her contract with the Three Goddess Alliance)? Ishtar, who launches a flying kick at the old man. No one gets to harm Ishtar's sister while she's around.

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