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Fridge Logic:

  • John is supposedly the reincarnation of Darius. But... He is twenty-five when we first meet him. He must have been in his early twenties when Darius died!
    • Because of course the Scribe Virgin, a goddess, couldn't possibly bend time. Vishous and some of the Chosen are capable of prognosticating - who says she didn't know Darius' choice two and a half decades ago?
  • In Lover Reborn, the Band of Bastards have a rifle case secured with a fingerprint lock. It's made clear in a couple of other books that vampires don't have fingerprints. How would such a lock even function?
  • The Brotherhood lives in an enormous mansion decorated with gold and jewel mosaics, drive GTOs, Porsches, Hummers, and Mercedes cars, have an infinite arsenal of weaponry, an eternally stocked fridge, and a killer wardrobe. If they spend 90% of their time fighting Lessers, how do they pay for all of this?
    • Several centuries' worth of investments, real estate speculation, and stock-market experience, possibly.

Fridge Horror:

  • As of Lover Reborn, we know what happens to the dead whose loved ones cannot let go of their memory and permit them to pass on—they apparently fade away after a certain amount of time. For Wellsie, this happens within a very short period of time; a bit less than two years. In Dark Lover we learn that Wrath's parents died over 300 years ago, and with Beth's help he is only just starting to let go of and move on from their deaths. What are the chances they safely go into the Fade?
    • In The King Wrath's mother appears to him to save Beth's life, so she can't have faded away yet. Since their relationship is a huge parallel to Wrath's and Beth's throughout the book, it's possible that the birth of Wrath's and Beth's child allowed Wrath to let go enough for them to pass on.
  • John says at one point that the 'Shadows' aren't picky as to what—-or who—they'll eat. Even worse when you consider that they own a very popular and successful restaurant. Now consider very carefully what the secret ingredient in that special sauce is likely to be...
  • Over in the Nontemporal Realm where the Chosen used to spend most of their time, is a place called the Tomb of the Young—-a monument to all the vampires who died as infants or small children. It is full of cribs. Phury notes that the place seems dusty and run-down, which makes sense—remember that the Chosen were primarily used to breed; most if not all of those babies would have been their own. Would you want to have to go dust your dead baby's crib?
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  • Given Lash's demonstrated propensity for rape, is anyone else horrified that he was studying to be a doctor?
  • The punishment for losing a fight in the Bloodletter's camp is rape. That was the main place future Brothers trained for hundreds of years, including Tohr.
    • Not merely some of the time, either, if Xcor is to be believed. Apparently that was how he lost his virginity.

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