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Heartwarming / Black Dagger Brotherhood

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  • Beth's Tell Me About My Mother moment with Fritz. Fritz goes on to recount exactly how much attention Darius paid to her while she was growing up.
    Fritz: We have every column you've ever written. Even the ones you wrote in high school and college. When you started at the Caldwell Courier Journal, your father refused to go to sleep in the morning until after I brought the paper to him. No matter how hard his night had been, he wouldn't rest until he read what you wrote. He was so proud of you.
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  • Qhuinn's "proposal" to Blay at the end of Lover at Last especially after roping the entire Brotherhood into helping him pull it off.
  • When Wrath calls John Matthew aside to tell him in private that his trainee classmate Hhurt died during his transition, John Matthew is intially terrified that he is saying Lash died and he's going to be arrested for it. So in partial relief and partial sheer overwhelm, he breaks down crying and Wrath just hugs him and lets him, being the support he needs.
    • Wrath has lots of little moments like that, actually. He was the one who steadied Bella and reminded her to breathe (so she'd stop shaking) when she found out Zsadist had gone alone into a den of lessers to get revenge for her.

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