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Heartwarming / The Black Company

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  • Even this series has one. In "The White Rose," Croaker gets one when, one night late in the book, he comforts the Lady, who is terrified of the possibility that she might die the next day.
  • Goblin and One-Eye bicker back and forth between each other for most of the series. Then Goblin gets possessed by a demon and One-Eye dies. Before one-eye dies though he sets up events to bring back his buddy to sanity and banish said demon.
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  • While Murgen is flying around outside of his body, he checks in on Goblin. Certain that he is alone, Goblin mumbles that he wishes One-Eye was with him.
  • Croaker going after Arcana, to save her after she abandoned the Company.
  • The two girls becoming the new Annalists.


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