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Fridge / Beet the Vandel Buster

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Cue the Sun moment when Grunide is killed seems like just a dramatic moment... until you realize that it happened because BB Milfa sent his body into midair before it exploded, forcing a gap in polluted air.

Fridge Horror

  • Many Vandels have collecting habits. Some of them include stuff like collecting Dark Currency (at the expense of driving other Vandels deep into debt), collecting Saigas (involving a sort of suspended animation), and Grunide collects monsters. What about Vandels offscreen? Is collecting human body parts out of the question?
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  • The Examiners. A person looks into your eyes and knows everything you've done? Also, somehow they know Kissu is a criminal even though most of what he's done is wear a cloak and scavenge ruins. This sort of implies a kind of Big Brother society where everyone knows what you've done even when your only known crime seems to have been going missing for a few years.

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