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Film / The Creature From The Big Mountain

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"The Creature from Big Mountain" is a fan-film based on the Predator Franchise taking place during the second World War. Watchable here on Youtube.

The Fan-film contains the following examples:

  • Action Heroine: Sarah and the Predator.
  • Asshole Victim: Considering that the villains are ruthless Nazis, you feel better rooting for the Predator.
  • Big Bad: While the Nazi party that's after the Predator are the greater threat, it's the Sergeant who is Sarah's main target for revenge.
  • Canon Character All Along: Sarah is actually the mother of Dutch Schaefer, the main hero of the first Predator film.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The film has a black-and-white setting to give an old time classical feel to it.
  • Facial Horror: General Faszler's face is horrendously deformed, not dissimilar to the Predator's. He even notes this.
  • Papa Wolf: Sarah's father willingly stayed behind and lead the Germans away from her daughter so that she has more time to escape.
  • Pet the Dog: When the Female Predator finds Sarah, she hands the girl her sword and helps her take out the Nazis. This is a rare moment, considering most Predator's most honorable moment is having honorable duels and during an Enemy Mine situation.
  • Skyward Scream: When she's at the waterfall, Sarah screams to the Heavens after losing her father.
  • Splash of Color: The skinned bodies the Predator hangs have a notable red tint, in contrast to the black-and-white of the rest of the film.