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The love was true. Everything else was a lie.

Stockholm east (Swedish: Stockhom östra) is a Swedish drama film, directed by Simon Kaijser and released in 2011.

Johan's world crashes as he hits a child with his car on his way to work one day. Because shortly after, the little girl dies from her injuries. Johan is haunted by guilt, sinks into depression and becomes unemployable. Anna, the little girl's mother, can't overcome her death either and flees into a dreamworld where her daughter is still alive. By hazard, Johan and Anna meet at the metro station "Stockholm östra" and become friends. But only Johan knows about their connection and doesn't tell Anna that he was the car's driver. Anna however feigns that her daughter is still alive to Johan, and eventually falls in love with him. A passionate loves story evolves — on bad conditions and on the base of a lie.


The movie features following tropes:

  • Dance of Romance: When they are still just friends, Anna and Johan dance a bit in a bar late at night. Anna then suddenly runs away in tears, telling Johan only that she lied to him.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Anna has an appointment to abort Johan's child but she runs off when the doctor leaves the room for a minute.
  • Just Friends: Johan and Anna, initially .
  • Let's Have Another Baby: Anders suggests this to Anna, one year after Tove's death.
  • Love Confession: When sitting on a bench in a park, Johan tells Anna that he loves her, after she confesses that she lied about her daughter and that Tove died a year ago. Coitus ensues.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Anna and Anders, Tove's parents.
  • The Reveal: Just when Johan is about to tell Anna that he was the driver, her husband Anders comes home. He saw Johan at the trial and recognizes him.
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  • Spurned into Suicide: When Anna finds out who Johan is, she breaks contact with him. Johan then heads her off at the metro station and Anna lies to him that she aborted their child, he buys pills at the pharmacy and tries to kill himself. He survives.


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