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Looking for Ms. Locklear is a 2008 American independent documentary written, produced and directed by the comedy duo Rhett & Link. The pair go on a journey to reunite with their first grade teacher Miss Lenore Locklear who was responsible for the two becoming lifelong friends when she kept them behind from recess together. Choosing to use only word of mouth, Rhett and Link travel around North Carolina speaking to a number of colorful characters on their search for Miss Locklear and end up also highlighting the political struggle of the Native American “Lumbee” Tribe, taking the pair all the way to the nation’s capital.




  • Cool Teacher: Miss Lenor Locklear was cool enough that Rhett and Link decided to make a whole movie about their trip to find her.
  • Hot Teacher: Miss Locklear herself is acknowledged as being very pretty by most of the people when Rhett and link show a school photo with her from 1985. When she is finally found, she has still remained so.
  • Native Americans: Aside from Rhett and Link’s primary goal to find Ms. Locklear, the documentary ends up taking a detour to present the the political struggle of the “Lumbee” Tribe.
  • Road Trip Plot: The premise of the film is Rhett and Link traveling around using only word of mouth to try and locate Ms Locklear.