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2020's most horizontally horrifying horror film

“Barbatachthian” is a supernatural horror film released in 2020. It chronicles the story of Chester Zerum, a guy who works for a think-tank and finds his life, and his flat, subject to the whims of a nightmarish entity known as Barbatachtian... and something even worse.

Written, directed by and... starring Ian Austin, it was filmed in May and June 2020 for less than £100, and is now available to watch (for free) on Youtube and streamable on Indie Nation Network.



  • Big Bad: Frederick Zerum turns out to be the real monster.
  • foreshadowing: Chester messing about with his toy knife It’s not so retractable later on.
  • improv: a surprising amount given it’s the same actor playing multiple characters.
  • Mr. Exposition: Professor Pickle is intended to be this, but seems more concerned about ranting about social media than actually delivering any plot useful information.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The exorcism of Chester Zerum is a shout to to the exorcism of Jonah Hill from “This Is the End” which is itself a shout out to “The Exorcist
    • Chester and Frederick recap the events of “Inception” to each other, comparing it to their current predicament. Frederick claims not to have seen it, but also knows a lot about the film for some bizarre reason.