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Untitled Displaced Fanfiction is a trilogy of My Little Pony fanfictions that centre around a man named Jonah and his exploits in the world of ponies. The first part is a story about how he came into power and seems to be a trollfic. The second takes itself slightly more seriously but still has silly elements and the third embraces Denser and Wackier and pretty much becomes a full-on Troll Fic (even more than the first entry). Parts one through three can be found here: [1], [2], [3]. The series was published in 2019 and was written by Songbird Serenade Thanos.


Untitled Displaced Fanfiction contains examples of:

  • Author Appeal: Considering that each chapter is named after a rap song and Jaden Smith and Tupac make an appearance late in the final part of the trilogy, it seems the author may be a fan of rap music.

  • Gainax Ending: The ending to the first story certainly counts as the Mane Six are all now in Shibuya with human bodies and Fluttershy kills a person wearing a priest's clothes who is implied to be Jonah. The sequel attempts to explain this but why the area the ponies met in is called Shibuya is never explained and the ponies carrying weapons is never brought up again. The third story could also be said to have one as Jonah (now an obese ganguro girl) goes back in time using Discord's magic, beats up Samson and the story abruptly ends with her laughing at Delilah for being thin.

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  • Gender Bender: Jonah near the beginning of the third part as he turns into an obese ganguro girl.

  • "Untitled" Title

  • Villain Protagonist: Jonah has odd justifications for the things that he does but he feels so little remorse that he is hardly sympathetic. YMMV on whether he is a Designated Hero.

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