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Fanfic / The Princess And The Peek

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The Princess and the Peek is an Alternate Universe Fic made by RockSunner, for Miraculous Ladybug. Part of the Smart Adversaries AU for Miraculous Ladybug on AO3, in which Ladybug villains make smarter decisions. The series has a tropes page here.

This is a two-chapter work, and it is now complete.

This fanfiction series contains examples of:

  • Alternate Universe Fic: A What If? with the change that Hawk Moth takes advantage of the time Chat Noir is under mind-control to ask him some questions.
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  • The Bad Guy Wins: Princess Fragrance gets to elope with Prince Ali, and even have a child by him. Hawk Moth however, gets nothing but a brainwashed son.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Adrien ends up susceptible to control by perfume. Even Marinette takes advantage of him.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Princess Fragrance crosses the line by mind-controlling Prince Ali to marry her. Marinette also takes advantage of brainwashed Adrien to get him to go on dates with her.
  • Elopement: Princess Fragrance manages to do this with Prince Ali, and they escape to the kingdom of Achoo.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: When Hawk Moth finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir, he insists that Princess Fragrence not use a Cataclysm against Ladybug, so that Adrien will not be forced to kill.
  • The Unmasking: Chat Noir's secret identity is exposed to Hawk Moth and Marinette.

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