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Fanfic / Raspephabio

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Dis is mah storee dunt flam it k? i know dis isnt very good atm but i wil ficks it l8er!!!!
(AN. me adn Crow worked rly hard on dis)

raspephabio is a Troll Fic written by Xxxxemo4everxxxX. The plot revolves around a group of "kool and goffik" friends and their encounters with various characters from different anime and video games and movies and such, which eventually escalates into an epic quest to save Ed, Al, Cloud and Axel, who have been thrown into prison by Barack Obama. Much Mind Screw, Spell My Name with an "S", and Rouge Angles of Satin ensues.


The work has long since been removed from Fan, but can still be found at the author's Deviantart-page, and it has two dramatic readings, by regiinator and Lord Starfish.

raspephabio contains examples of:


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