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Famous Last Words / The Super Mario Adventures: Crossover Clash

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Main series

Season 1

"Then... good luck... out there..." - Leslie Yoshi, succumbing to the wounds inflicted upon her by the Dark Lemon Lord

"Fine." - Troll Baymax, after Hafu coerces him into opening his access port

"How about I show you a little... more?" - Delicious Snurp, fruitlessly attempting to flirt with Korgot

"So, is something supposed to happen, or were you just-" - Rich Snurp, who Narmoto unleashes a massive belch upon

"I can't die! I've got 10,000 in Defense and Magic!" - Very Rare Snurp, before the strength of three Garmadon Buttons overwhelms him

"My heyday was so long ago now-" - Crazy Frog, in the midst of an "I Want" Song

"I missed you." - Doris, who Boris pushes into her own pit of lava

"Je vous remercie. Vive la résistance..."note  - Ashford Ethelstan, passing on after the Golden Queen shot him through the heart

"Thank you, Korgot. I just know you'll do good." - Gogo Tomago, after being shot with a BFG

"Don't wait to achieve your goals. Put confidence in whatever you do." - Mario Mario, before using the powers of the Nuclear Burrito to save his friends

Other videos

Super Undertale Fan

"Ow! You must defeat six more of us!" - Guard 1, Episode 2

"Or was it me?" - Guard 2, Episode 2

"Now I'm not!" - Guard 3, Episode 2

"Son of a bitch!" - Guard 4, Episode 2

"I was wrong! So wrong!" - Guard 5, Episode 2

"Argh!" - Guard 6, Episode 2

"Curses!" - Super Guard, Episode 2

"Ha ha, I like what you don't! I'm going to rub that in your face!" - Hater Hologram, Episode 4

"I'm alive!" - Revived Hater Hologram, Episode 4

"We cannot be stopped, or my name's Barry!" - Barry the Hater, Episode 5

"I'm Barry's identical twin brother, Gary. You shall pay!" Gary the Hater, Episode 5

"Oh. I see your point." Samir the Hater, Episode 5

"Is that the best you've got?" Hater Queen Gogo, Episode 5

"I can't move! But do you really think pink ice can stop me?" GonzaloLovesFrozen, Episode 5

"Lady Ethel, I'm coming to see you!" - Honey, Episode 5

"Stop or die!" - Sans, Episode 6

"No!" - Undyne, Episode 6

"I was wrong to have ever judged you!" - Mr. Hernandez/Painite, Episode 6

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