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So, it was pretty obvious that this was a copy of Minecraft Animated. I mean, it even follows similar story beats:

A boy gets bad results on a test and gets sucked into his favourite game. There, he gains a power and returns to the real world to kill the teacher that failed him, but the teacher somehow comes back. Then, the heroes go somewhere to find the female companion, who is also the main love interest for the hero. Our heroes go somewhere else to save a blue-wearing friend from something they hate. An episode is spent preparing for a fight against the haters of the thing the main character loves. Then, the battle commences. The blue-wearing friend dies fighting as the remaining heroes prepare to fight the villain, who swiftly kills the best friend of the hero, and threatens to kill them next, only for the love interest to sacrifice themselves. Angered, the hero kills the villain while ranting about why they suck. With their teacher deceased, the hero mourns for their lost comrades, only to remember a trick that they learned that can revive people. The hero uses this to revive the love interest only, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Have I proven my point? I hope so.


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