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Drinking Game / Sonic.exe

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Take a shot when you happen upon:
  • "Red."
  • "Black."
  • "Blood."
  • Any mention of something being taken from a non-Sonic game.
    • Take two shots if it's Kefka's laugh.
  • Any time the narrator mentions how he feels sorry for the characters in the game.
  • The narrator mentions exactly how long something lasted.
  • The narrator refers to a song or sound as pixelated.

Take three shots when:

An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack

Take a shot when:
  • Every time you encounter the game's Jump Scare.
  • You're warped into the Dark World.
    • When you hit an enemy or boss in this world, as they are all invincible.
    • When you manage to bring your ring count back down to "0" by collecting enough red rings. Or if you got hit and lose all of your now-negative rings.
    • Combining the above two, take two shots if your pointless hit on a dark enemy bumps you towards something that ends up killing you.
    • Down a whole glass if Sonic.exe manages to catch you.
    • Down half of a whole glass if you were killed in the Dark World by anything besides Sonic.exe.
    • Whenever you get a Game Over. And you likely will be a lot.

  • Take a triumphant drink if you managed to escape the Dark World.


Sonic.exe The Spirits of Hell (by Danuha2526)

  • Take a small sip every time you die.
    • Take a shot every time that death was due to a wrong decision.
      • Down the bottle of you chose a bad choice but get saved by a green ring.
  • Take a drink in celebration if you clear a stage.
  • If you get an ending where a least one person dies (which leads to Exeller killing all of the others) take a drink in sadness.
  • Take a drink every time Tails' voice changes. Take two if the mic quality gets worse.
  • Down the bottle if someone is the Sole Survivor without the black ring.


Sonic.exe Nightmare Universe by JaizKoys

  • Take a small sip every time you die. (WARNING: Not recommended once you unlock Part 2 of EoT.)
  • Take a shot when:
    • Every time you see a translation error. Have an ambulance on standby if you plan on playing either the old version of Nightmare Beginning or Sonic & Exe (Jaiz's cancelled game).
    • In Part 1 of Eye of Three, when at least one of the girls dies (which leads to her/them killing the survivor/s), take a drink in sadness.
    • When Sark Cream, Sark, Exetior, Amy, or Merely swears, drink. Take two if it's none of these characters.
  • When you spot the Author Avatars of Jaiz or any of his friends, drink.
  • When you trigger a secret cutscene after an ending, drink.
  • Take two shots in disbelief when you get the Trio Ending in Eye of Three Part 2 expecting the girls to survive.
  • Down the whole glass in celebration when:
    • You manage to get the Good or Best ending in Nightmare Beginning.
    • You get the best ending in Eye of Three Part 1, unlocking Part 2.
  • When you manage to get the true ending in Eye of Three Part 2, down two glasses.

Nightmare Shorts/Exe Line dub version:

  • Take a shot every time the face in a character's dialogue box changes.
  • For Episodes 1 and 2, take a drink whenever Sark Cream swears.
  • For Episode 3, take a drink whenever Tails acts snarky towards others.
  • Finish your drink when you're done with whatever episode you're watching.

Mastered UI Kostas' videos version:

  • Take a drink if you spot an Out-of-Character Moment. Better get a liver transplant if you plan on watching any of his videos uploaded before 2019.
  • When his Author Avatar appears, drink. Take two if his character has a central role in any of his videos.
  • When you see a translation error in his videos, drink.


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