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Drinking Game / Sonic.exe

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Take a shot when you happen upon:
  • "Red."
  • "Black."
  • "Blood."
  • Any mention of something being taken from a non-Sonic game.
    • Take two shots if it's Kefka's laugh.
  • Any time the narrator mentions how he feels sorry for the characters in the game.
  • The narrator mentions exactly how long something lasted.
  • The narrator refers to a song or sound as pixelated.

Take three shots when:

An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack

Take a shot when:
  • Every time you encounter the game's Jump Scare.
  • You're warped into the Dark World.
    • When you hit an enemy or boss in this world, as they are all invincible.
    • When you manage to bring your ring count back down to "0" by collecting enough red rings. Or if you got hit and lose all of your now-negative rings.
    • Combining the above two, take two shots if your pointless hit on a dark enemy bumps you towards something that ends up killing you.
    • Down a whole glass if Sonic.exe manages to catch you.
    • Down half of a whole glass if you were killed in the Dark World by anything besides Sonic.exe.
    • Whenever you get a Game Over. And you likely will be a lot.

  • Take a triumphant drink if you managed to escape the Dark World.


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