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Drinking Game / SHAZAM! (2019)

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Drinking game for SHAZAM!.

We recommend store-brand cola or Dr Pepper, but Bärs brand beer would also work for those of legal drinking age, even though it tastes like literal vomit.

Watch out for spoilers

  • Drink whenever someone says the word "Shazam", of course.
    • Drink twice if it's not Billy who says it.
    • Down your glass if several characters say it at the same time. Take another one if they say "Billy" instead of "Shazam".
  • Whenever Billy-as-Shazam fails a superpower test, drink.
  • Drink whenever someone says the word "superhero".
  • Drink whenever someone says the word "supervillain".
  • Drink whenever someone says "All hands on deck!"
  • Drink whenever someone says "family" or "home".
  • Drink whenever Freddy comes up with another superhero alias for Billy.
  • Drink whenever Shazam or any other... "empowered individual" shoots lightning.
  • Drink whenever Superman or Batman is mentioned or referenced with an item.
    • Down your drink when Shazam throws the giant Batman toy and Superman makes a cameo at the end.


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