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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Moments pages.


  • Shazam throwing two robbers out the window of a convenience store after discovering he's bulletproof.
  • Billy is absolutely no slouch when it comes to defending Freddy against the bullying by the Bryer brothers, using Freddy's crutch to great effect against them, even before being empowered. His readiness to do such things is precisely what prompts the Wizard Shazam to empower him.
  • When Billy tries to use his powers to stop a crime the first time, the would-be victim has already maced the mugger and doesn't need any help.
  • The Wizard shouting each power of his namesakes as he empowers Billy. Djimon Hounsou's no-holds barred delivery is sure to send chills down your spine.
  • Shazam punching through a concrete pillar as if it was styrofoam.
  • Sivana, while doing research on magic, has a scientist touch a door she wasn't meant to touch. She is vaporized. He doesn't even flinch.
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  • Doctor Sivana massacring the Sivana Industries boardroom, including his terrible brother and father. When his father begs for help, Thaddeus throws his own words of abuse back at him.
  • Shazam saves Mary from being run-over using his super speed. And he does it smoothly.
  • After accidentally causing a bus to fall off a bridge while showing off his lightning powers, Billy proceeds to casually catch it.
  • Villainous awesome: Doctor Sivana effortlessly catches Shazam's punch.
  • Instead of obeying Sivana's order to transmit him his powers, Billy takes back the staff and then tells his foster siblings to grasp it and call out "Shazam". When the dust settles, they've all turned into adult superheroes with Shazam's powerset, and start battling the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • It took Billy most of the film to figure out how to fly. When his disabled buddy Freddy first transforms? He floats with no effort!
    Freddy: I can fly! I CAN FLY!!!
  • In what's primarily an emotional scene, Billy does a very brave thing when he meets his biological mother. She assumed that leaving him would be best for him and even that him being in front of her now is just him letting her know that he's alright. She has NO idea that Billy has spent his whole life thus far looking for her and was hoping to be a family with her again until now. Billy could easily have thrown that back in her face and called her out for abandoning him, but instead he goes along with it and pretends that he was only there to check in. He spared her feelings even though she'd treated him poorly and even though he's clearly broken-hearted. It was a very mature moment from him.
    • In the same vein, Billy giving her his compass and commenting "you might need it more than me" could have been a bitter or sarcastic thing to do, but instead it's played as a sincere acknowledgement that he understands Marilyn has problems of her own, and at the same time a gesture of forgiveness.
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    • What's more, his acknowledging his foster family as his real family can be interpreted as a subtle Coming of Age moment, where he's finally understanding that his real family is waiting for him at the Vasquez home.
  • After Billy hears that Sivana has taken his foster siblings hostage, he jumps from the top of a building, pronounces the word, and gets struck by lightning in mid-air and in slow motion, then flies off like that other Flying Brick.
    • Before he fights Sivana at the carnival, Billy transforming mid-stroll is an extremely cool shot. With a deep and serious-sounding Shazam pronunciation to boot. Kudos to Asher Angel for the last one.
  • Freddy throwing his prized replica Bat-arang at Sivana, leaving a notable wound on the back of his head. On two more levels is this awesome: (A) Batman indirectly helped these kids by creating the Bat-arang and (B) if he hadn't wounded Sivana's head, no one would've figured out he was vulnerable without his sins.
  • Shazam and Doctor Sivana are fighting while flying over a city skyline. They trade superpowered blows that punch them hundreds of feet forward, very much like Zod and Superman.
  • Eugene trying to defend Freddy from the Byers Brothers with nunchucks. Yeah, he just knocked himself out but it took guts to try.
  • Billy beating Sivana with his head, not his combat-based powers: figuring out that Envy is the sin that's constantly still inside him, he proceeds to taunt and insult Envy over the sin it represents. This enrages the demon enough that it can't resist leaping out to try and kill him... leaving Sivana completely powerless, allowing Billy to temporarily defeat Envy and use the Eye of Sin to seal the Seven Deadly Sins back away.
  • Billy exploiting the transformation and lightning that come with it not only once, but *twice* in the fight. The first time happens before the siblings get their power and when Sivana still has his, showing once again Billy's bravery and why he was chosen, and the second weaponizes it to attack Envy. In the first, he takes advantage of the fact that switches from a super-buff super-tall hero to a scrawny 14-year-old-boy to escape one of the Sins holding him immobile. The second, he completely (if temporarily) discorporates Envy with the bolt of magic lightning that strikes him when he transforms.note 
  • Mary pulls her weight in the fight before getting her powers, with a combination of Xanatos Gambit and exceptional aiming skills. When a superpowered Sivana is holding Billy's head underwater, drowning him and preventing him from saying his name to transform, she grabs one of the fair's guns to shoot at Sivana's eye. When the bullet is about to hit it, Sivana casually catches it (points for him)... Taking his hand off Billy's head in doing so, giving him the chance to transform back.
  • At the end of the movie Freddie is back to being shunned by the other kids at school when it's revealed that his siblings all changed their lunch schedule so they could eat with him...then Billy shows up to hang out with them in his Shazam form (Freddie having previously told everyone at school that he was friends with "Captain Sparklefingers", and having no one believe him)... then Billy reveals that he had invited another friend to hang out with them too: Superman!
  • Mister Mind shows up in the stinger to give a Badass Boast to Sivana.
    Mister Mind: "I name the gods, doctor. Not the other way around."


  • The film has officially become the second film in the DC Extended Universe to get certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with a tomatometer score of 90% as of this writing.note 
  • Warner Bros. execs were so happy with its reception that a sequel was greenlit the very Monday after its worldwide release, with the whole crew expected to return.
  • Many have hailed the near perfect casting of the actors for the adult forms of the Shazam/Marvel Family kids. In particular Adam Brody as Freddy and Michelle Borth as Mary were fantastic lookalikes for Jack Dylan Grazer and Grace Fulton.
  • Speaking of Adam Brody, in 2007 he and D.J. Cotrona were tapped to play the Flash (Barry Allen) and Superman respectively in George Miller's live-action Justice League: Mortal, but the film was shelved before filming began due to various factors, including Executive Meddling. Now he and Cotrona as Pedro finally get to play DC superheroes. And according to the director, they weren't even cast with the earlier project in mind - things just fell into place for them. Doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
  • Despite facing competition from Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame, and having to live up to Aquaman, and the general stigma on DCEU movies, this movie becoming a solid hit.


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