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Drinking Game / Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls

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You must take a drink everytime:

  • Someone says "nya".
    • Take two drinks if Hitoshi-san says "nya rawr".
  • Anyone of the characters speaks in gratuitous Japanese or Spanish.
    • Take two sips if it's badly pronounced (e.g., "desu").
      • Take three if said word is used incorrectly.
    • Take three if it's a curse word (e.g., "pinche cabron").
  • Something bad happens to any of the characters.
    • Take two drinks if it happens to Raku-chan.
  • Raku transforms into a cat.
    • Take two drinks if she transforms back into a human.
  • Panties are shown.
    • Take two drinks if it's shown in a character's hands.
    • Take three drinks if the character is only wearing underwear.
      • Take four drinks if it's a guy.
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    • Take five drinks if a character is completely naked.
  • An animation is decent.
    • Take two drinks if a character's anatomy is decent.
  • Someone screams.
    • Take a drink every 30 seconds that pass from when the character starts screaming to when the character stops screaming.

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