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Hitoshi-san and Vet-sama are the same person.
Think about it. Both are ridiculously "sexy." They have the same eye shape. Hitoshi appeared in a room where there was no sign of him, but Vet-sama had been there a moment ago!! She binds her chest to be taken seriously, so that people won't judge her by her stunning good looks. She has a blue wig she keeps close, and contacts. She's grown very skilled at changing them. But has become enamored with Kiddnapper-kun, who is obviously gay. This breaks her heart, but she keeps going. All the same, she is beginning to realize Raku's unrequited love, and doesn't know what to do. The story's actual plot is about Vet-san beginning to realize who she truly is.
  • Jossed, they appeared in the same room in episode 9.

Raku-chan is the female equivalent of a Psychopathic Manchild.
She speaks in a childish way, she dresses in a (sort of) childish way, but she has Gag Boobs. She has proven herself a danger to others, in situations such as the Marshmallow Hell she gave Squeaker-chan.

Raku-chan is the only person left in the world.
Everyone else is a figment of her imagination.

At this point, the series switches from Slice of Life to angst-drama. Raku becomes conflicted, and her childlike innocence is crushed. Hitoshi, Bringer of Truth, Justice, and the Americ- JAPANESE way turns her in. Vet-sama takes her place as supporting female lead. She finds herself falling in love with Hitoshi-san, and becomes conflicted when she finds that Raku has a crush on him. In the meantime, Hitoshi's attraction to Kidnapper-kun becomes unhealthy, and he starts to stalk him. Kidnapper-kun, horrified, becomes extremely paranoid, and constantly uncomfortable. He becomes The Woobie. At the climax of the series, a psychopathic Koneko-chan escapes prison. She sees that Raku has become friends with someone who she has not approved of. She attempts to kill Vet-san. Vet-sama is good at self-defense, and fends off Koneko-chan as long as she can. Raku, panicking, runs out into the yard. She captures Squeaker-chan, and throws him at Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan, startled by the sudden attack, lets go of the struggling Vet-sama, who subdues her and locks her in a room until help can come. The day afterward, Koneko dies from Rabies. The story closes on Hitoshi's realization what a monster he's become, and Kidnapper-kun's suicide.

Raku-chan's breasts aren't really breasts.
They're her lungs, which due to a birth defect,
protrude from her chest cavity. This explains why they inflate and deflate at random. Also, the lungs are abnormally large, allowing her to scream loudly for long periods of time.
  • Oh my god... It all makes sense now!
  • Or, rather, they're probably airsacs like those of a bird.

Raku-chan is either a grossly overdeveloped child or an adult with some form of mental retardation.
This is the only logical conclusion that can be arrived at from Raku-chan's combination of Gag Boobs and an innocent, childlike personality. Certain studies point to a lower age of puberty for girls worldwide, while adults who act like children due to mental problems are not entirely unknown.
  • Most likely Jossed, since Raku-chan went to college.
    • Perhaps Raku-chan had an accident or something after completing college that caused her brain damage?

Koneko is in love with Raku
...I just got that vibe from her.

Raku-chan is actually an ordinary cat.
This explains why everyone just gives her affection for no good reason. Koneko-chan is her otaku owner who watches a lot of subtitled anime, leaving Raku's feeble cat brain with a garbled understanding of human speech patterns.

The whole series is a representation of friends who have a friend with cancer
The series is apparently made by Yoli-chan, but it actually isn't. In reality- it's made by Yoli-chan's two best friends, because Yoli-chan has cancer and must stay in the hospital. It is also to show Yoli-chan that they will always be there for her.
  • In the last episode Raku-chan dies of heartbreak, could that possibly mean that maybe the 'real' Yoli-chan died of the cancer?

Hitoshi's voice actor is the one who plays the recorder during the ending song.
Hitoshi's VA has been shown to be musically inclined, and it seems like a small budget series, so there probably aren't all that many people working on it.

For the very last episode, SoapOpera46 is going to pull out all the stops and give us something that is of actual extremely good art and animation quality.
All her regular subscribers would be shocked, and people who hadn't seen her series before and stumbled across that episode would then attempt to watch the others and be horribly confused by it all. It would be the ultimate troll move.
  • Essentially, she's going to pull an Octocat.
  • That did indeed happened. Thou the art on the final episode on Raku's death was just decent.

Yolander voices Raku, her brother voices Hitoshi, and either Yolander or a friend voices Koneko.
Yolander has mentioned her brother several times, and for all we know all the things she's said about him are true. Plus, I don't really buy that the voices are done by people from the 'japanes froms' err, 'forums' unless she meant a forum that was populated by weaboos, which seems likely in retrospect.

Hitoshi is voiced by a girl.
He's voiced by the same person as Koneko-chan. The VA just uses audacity to lower the pitch of her voice, and there you have it.

Vet-sama and Kidnapper-kun are the same person.
She's a sexy vet/shrine maiden during the day, but she turns into a sexy rapist man at night in order to fulfill her deepest desires.

Raku-chan is actually pregnant
The "Bakaneko" inside her is really just her child. When she ran off a few episodes earlier, she had an insane neko party and got pregnant.

Raku-chan, Hitoshi-san, and Koneko-chan are all handicapped and are living on disability
They are obviously adults, considering Hitoshi-san asked for adult tickets at the carnival, but they don't seem to have jobs. So, they are all mentally handicapped and are living on disability.

Yolander voices Koneko-chan
Well, since Soap Opera 46 is (probably) a girl, and she's referred to Raku-chan's voice actor as a different person twice now, it seems most likely that she voices Koneko-chan.

Koneko-Chan is at least half GatoGirl
Koneko is constantly tossing out Spanish phrases, and she has a bit of an accent. Maybe she's originally from Mexico and moved to Ameri-Japan for high-school or college.

Raku-Chan's hair color isn't natural
In the finale we get a college flashback where she has blue hair. We can assume she's either naturally blue haired or that was also a dye. She's probably blond considering it looks like it; she dyed herself a green shade but it didn't go well or it's fading. Alternatively she's naturally blond/green and her dying her hair blue was her experimenting.

Koneko-chan was supposed to be the main character, and plotted to murder Raku-chan
Koneko-chan is the first one shown in the intro, and so she was probably going to be the main character, with Raku-chan as the goofy, Fanservice-y sidekick. That all changed when Hitoshi-san entered the picture; now, Koneko-can is demoted to a secondary character. she became jealous, and hired Kidnapper-kun to kidnap Hitoshi-san, and get him out of the picture. That plan failed, and she became extremely mad. She then used Squeak-chan, her pet squirrle, to give Raku-chan rabies. Somehow, her elaborate plan, which went as far as planting a demon in her, didn't work. She underestimated one thing; Hitoshi-san falling in love with Kidnapper-kun. By that time, however, she realized that the only reason she wanted to kill Raku-chan was because she was mad. At the very end, she feels regret, but it's too late; she murdered her friend, and she can't do anything to stop Raku-chan's death.
  • Jossed, Non of that happened.


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