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Drinking Game / Firefly

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Drinking game for Firefly:

  • Every time someone says something in badly pronounced Chinese, drink.
  • Every time River does something odd, drink.
  • Every time Mal mentions the war, drink.
  • Every time someone says "gorramit" or "shiny."
  • Every time Mal punches Simon.
    • A whole drink if Simon punches Mal.
  • Every time Mal calls Inara a whore or calls her profession "whoring".
  • Every time River is seen barefoot.
  • Every time Jayne says or does something violent
    • Maybe just a sip, unless it's the alchoholic's version.
  • Every time Jayne makes a reference to his penis.
  • Whenever Jayne causes an awkward pause in the conversation.
  • Every time the crew is in space, start drinking and don't stop until they land.
    • Unless you count flashbacks as "landing", maybe forego this one for Out Of Gas?
  • Every time Simon is having a good moment with Kaylee and then completely blows it.
  • Every time Simon touches River's face.

  • Teetotaler's version: Take a shot whenever you see an actual Asian, the backstory notwithstanding.