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Drinking Game / Figure It Out

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  • If the panel fails to guess the contestant's secret, take a drink for each unrevealed word.
  • Take a drink if there's a Ho Yay moment.
    • Two if it doesn't involve Danny.
  • Take a drink if more than one panelist performs the Secret Slime Action. Finish your drink if all four do it.
  • Start sipping when Summer/Jeff starts tricking a panelist into performing the Secret Slime Action and don't stop until said panelist gets slimed.
  • Take a drink if the Secret Slime Action is guaranteed.
    • Two if it's during the first season.
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  • Take a drink when Danny whips his slime-covered hair to the audience pit behind the panelists.
  • Take a drink if someone is slimed more than once in the same game.
  • Take a drink for each clue on the clue recap board that doesn't pertain to the contestant's secret.
  • Take a drink whenever it's painfully obvious that Summer/Jeff is stalling during a round (e.g. Summer yelling, "Ask questions to get to that word!").
  • Take a drink when no one on the panel gets a word acted out from the Charade Brigade.
    • Finish your drink if that word is still unrevealed after final guesses.
  • When Round 3 ends, drink if Summer says, "No more conversation."


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