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Haiku / Firefly

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Fourteen episodes
And one film that introduced
Us to Summer Glau.

Being a cowboy,
Flying in an old spaceship,
Swearing in Chinese.

Whedon's masterpiece:
Action humor space western.
I'll be in my bunk.

What does it make you
When you arrive just in time?
Big Damn Heroes, Sir.

Pistols and spaceships
Live action Cowboy Bebop
But Malcolm beats Spike

Good guys or bad guys
Trying to make a living
Darn The Alliance!


We barely made it.
But somehow, we're still flying.
Not much. But enough.

Raped to death, eaten
Sewn your skin into clothing
in random order

One wonders if the
Actual star of the show
Is Summer Glau's feet.

Cowboys and spaceships
I watch the show anyway
Over far too soon

Screwed by the Network
Just to prove something this cool
Is too good to last.

One season? Curse your
Sudden but inevita-
ble betrayal, FOX!

Like Star Trek, but from
The fugitives' POV
Never thought of that.

Powerful, nosy
Government wants a doctor
And his kid sister.

As long as we fly
From any trace of people
We'll be A-OK.

A rag-tag bunch of
Misfits—and one space hooker…
I'll be in my bunk.

Ev'rything was lost
in Serenity Valley.
Now this ship is home.


Always to be missed
I am a leaf on the wind
Watch me soar, don't blink.

Surrounding a corpse
The space captain mourns his friend
From every angle.


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