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Drinking Game / Dance Moms

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The Dance Moms drinking game!!!

Take a drink:

  • If Maddie is on the top of the pyramid.
    • Two if someone else other than Maddie is on top.
  • If Mellisa lies.
  • If a mom swears
    • Take two if Abby or any of the other girls are present.
  • If a guest dancer introduced on the elite team.
  • If Christi complains about Abby not giving Chloe enough attention.
  • If any of the moms get into a fight
    • Down your drink if the fight gets physical.
  • If you notice that something very obvious has been edited.
  • If any visible alcohol is involved.
  • If Abby:
    • Decides to walk out of filming
    • If she’s eating something
    • If she’s not dressed decent and it’s mentioned by a mother or someone else.
    • Says “Everyone’s replaceable”.
    • Corrects a dancer on their feet.
    • Is being deliberately being mean to the girls.
    • Yells at any of the mothers.
    • Tries to garner sympathy.
      • Down it if the sympathy garnering doesn't work on anyone.

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