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The Shattered Crystalis (occasionally referred to as Crash Bandicoot: The Shattered Crystalis) is an in-the-works Crash Bandicoot fanfic written by Sonic Ranticoot, aka Magmortar75. Initially a for-fun project in 2009, it was picked up as a serious work of unknown media in late 2011 and was officially confirmed to be a fanfic after sometime in Development Hell in 2014. The first chapter was posted on and Archive Of Our Own on March 13th, 2015.


This title takes place roughly three and a half years after Crash Twinsanity. Cortex, having been yoinked out of Crash's brain by Uka Uka, has been abandoned by his long time master. He is instead allowing Cortex to work with an old friend of his in the title monster, Crystalis, a crystal-fueled being of destruction who briefly ruled the world when Uka Uka his brother, Aku Aku, were still humans. After some time of preparation for a new plan to take over the world in a brand new space station, Cortex decides to get Crash's attention by launching a surprise attack on him. His small army's rampage through N. Sanity Island frustrates and confuses the Bandicoot family into asking themselves why and how Cortex is back, but whatever reason it is, they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.

In the time of intermission, however, the island was a land of peace, complete with Coco working on a great invention in the VR Transportation System, a warp system that can be used to travel to wherever location that seems fit. The attacks have massively bugged the machine, but it still contains the ability to track rough locations of Power Crystals, which the bandicoots will need to power the machine and get it completely repaired so that it can travel to Cortex's base. As they are working on a very strict schedule, Crash and Coco are both collecting the crystals, with Aku Aku and Crunch serving as guardians while the two are off collecting. Many challenges–some new, some old, and some changed–will get in the way, with ideas of how to circumvent them being a necessity in stopping Cortex once and for all.


Now available to read here or here. Ranticoot hosts a tumblr that he generally updates along with the story.

Although technically published, Ranticoot would prefer this still be on Darthwiki until the prologue is complete (as only the first of three chapters is available).

The Shattered Crystalis uses the following tropes:

  • The Bus Came Back: Rant has made a point of bringing back as many characters from the series as possible for this story, even if in a cameo appearance.
  • Dark Fic / Darker and Edgier: It's going to end up a fair bit more serious and cynical than what the Crash Bandicoot franchise is known for, especially after the Lighter and Softer Twinsanity.
  • Deuteragonist: In a different case of this for the series (usually using Aku Aku or Neo Cortex in this role), Rant is using Coco as this, as the game version was conceived as making Coco a further differentiated, unique and more importantly fun character from Crash, and the fanfic version will follow suit.
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  • Development Hell: Rant in general is a bit notorious for this, but sees this story as the shining example. It originally started as a random concept for a fangame in 2008 but was picked up somewhat seriously in 2009, then mostly abandoned until 2011 when Crash's fifteenth anniversary got it greenlit again as a Milestone Celebration of sorts. Over the course of the next few years, progress was amazingly slow and Rant talked very little about the thing at all, until March 2014 where he announced the move into a full-on fanfiction instead of the proposed fangame it had been for years (although still written to be somewhat like a game). March and April marked very significant jumps in the writing process, but then things halted until mid-September, where things picked up again, and it was assumed Ranticoot would actually hit a November, 2014 to March, 2015 deadline...but progress hit another halt sometime then, and oddly enough, things started picking up again right around the time THAT deadline hit. In April-May, 2015, the story started hitting its final stages and ultimately saw its first hint of final writings and posting.
  • Schedule Slip: Repeatedly. See Development Hell above.

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