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A very silly idea by Ref Pink

Alongside the origin of mankind, was a similar race, called the Soul, who were basically immortal and super-powered, and took it upon themselves to protect the Puny Earthlings from Aliens and Dragons and Unicorns. Of course, eventually they all went extinct, and most of the souls Self Terminated, as they found no further purposes for life.

So obviously there ended up being a bunch of half Souls, and eventually quarter souls, and so on. Eventually, the gene spread out, and everyone seemed normal. That would make a boring story, though, so Present Day, the gene for being part-Soul is beginning to arise in humans during various points of puberty. Someone began to notice that teenagers were flying around and crumbling buildings with their fists, and said person happened to be possibly the only Soul who didn't kill himself or go find another, more interesting planet to live on. He set up a system to gather up all the teenagers who were more destructive than normal, and relocate them to a place where they wouldn't disturb the humans.


So here's where the story starts! Clay, The main character of this story, is a latchkey kid from America, who is whisked away to the land of new Souls before he even realizes he has super powers. As he gets used to his new, care-free life, he learns that the last Soul left is coming to the end of his demi-immortal rope. The Soul decides to hold a contest for all to participate, in which the first to find his prized treasure, The Crown of Souls, will become the new king of Souls. Naturally, Clay wants to win just like everyone else.

I've been told it's like a cross between One Piece and Dragon Ball Z


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