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Xavon Wrentaile is a fanfic writer.

Xavon's works with their own pages:

Some of Xavon's works without their own pages:

  • The Echo Ranger: A story in which Izuku becomes a Power Ranger before and instead of inheriting One For All.
  • Kairi Gaiden: An interquel to Kingdom Hearts II in which Kairi and Selphie have their own adventure.
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  • Sailor Moon Δ: A rewrite of Sailor Moon, giving the Senshi different elements.
  • An Unsought Resonance: A story about a pair of original characters (and later Eruka Frog) set in the Soul Eater world.
  • What If Superman Were an X-Man?: Xavon's first long story, not available on Fanfiction dot net; a variation of the Marvel Universe in which Krypton existed and infant Kal-El was rescued and raised by Charles Xavier.


Tropes that often apply to Xavon Wrentaile's works: