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Studio Pixel is the one-man production team behind the hugely successful freeware (and now WiiWare) game Cave Story. His real name is Daisuke Amaya, and he lives in Japan.

Games made by Studio Pixel include:

  • Akantares, in which you try to shoot the other player while accounting for the gravity of the surrounding obstacles.
  • Azarashi, a reaction-time minigame.
  • Cave Story, a metroidvania action game about an amnesiac boy who wakes up in a cave.
  • Guxt, a shmup.
  • Ikachan, a smaller-scale metroidvania game that is usually regarded as a precursor to Cave Story.
  • Megane, a game involving catching one's glasses falling from the sky.
  • Soaprun, a work-in-progress multiplayer sandbox that relies on connecting to a central server that's often down.
  • Kero Blaster, a side scrolling platformer/shooter starring an anthropomorphic frog salaryman.

Other works by Pixel include:

Alternative Title(s): Daisuke Amaya