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“Greetings one and all, and welcome to another episode of Late Night Ponderings.”
—The intro to every Late Night Ponderings video.

Red Angel is a YouTube producer, game journalist, freelance writer and voice actor. Most of her work consists of reviews or essays on video games, although she occasionally branches out into other media as well. She studied humanities, which clearly comes forward in her approach to critiquing games. She has a soft spot for indie games, since they provide the vision and creativity AAA-games so often lack. Before she started making videos, she worked as a video game journalist and wrote for Game Skinny and NoobFeed.


She’s part of the video game analysis community, and she has taken part in projects such as the Gaming Symposium podcast alongside EmceeProphIt, {Errant Signal}, and Games As Literature. She’s also made a cameo in the monolith of a video about the Orange Box by Raycevick.

You can watch her videos here.

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