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Rated-R-PonyStar is a famous MLP fanfic writer. Also, he writes comics.

Some of his fanfics include:

  • The Negotiations-verse: A multi-fic spinoff of The Conversion Bureau, focusing on the aftermath of the ponies' failure in the war against humanity.
  • The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle: A year after Twilight's coronation, she is assassinated by Blueblood and his conspirators. Four months after, Celestia visits her student's grave.
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  • Aftermath of a Fallen Star: A sequel to The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle, focusing on the reactions of other characters affected by Twilight's death.
  • How We Met: A story of how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash first met, reunited and eventually how Fluttershy began to develop feelings for the other.
  • Sanguine Kindness: In an alternate version of events of the episode "Bats!", the essence of the vampire fruit bats latches itself onto Fluttershy as it's new host, killing her and turning her into a vampire. Gore, death and tragedy ensue.
  • Why Am I Crying?: Diamond Tiara is killed in a carriage accident and the Cutie Mark Crusaders now have to deal with their conflicting feelings about the death of the bully that made their lives miserable.

...and many more.

Comics written by Rated-R-PonyStar:


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