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Photo of Mario, from Heaven Sent Gaming's Instagram [1]

Mario J. Lucero (born June 8, 1988) is an American Polymath from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though primarily credited as a designer, he is also an actor, author, director, musician, programmer, researcher, and theologian on numerous works with the arts/entertainment team he co-founded called Heaven Sent Gaming. He founded Heaven Sent Gaming with his High School Sweetheart wife Isabel Lucero, together they are responsible for creating of the vast majority of the team's creations.

Though it's a simple case of Name's the Same he actually does something in common with Super Mario, in that he's worn many hats. Though he's worked in the design field, he took radio classes in High School and majored in Computer Science in College.


Works by Mario:
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    Webcomic works 

    Video game works 
Co-programmer and music for the following game:
  • Balance, released in 2007, their first project as a college game design team.

    Music works 
A country and rock music artist. "Intro, Yo", in 2009, was his first released song.

    Literature works 
Author of:

[[folder:Web video works]]Producer and actor:


    Website works 
Admin and contributor on: