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Manga / Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction

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Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction is an OEL Manga, by Heaven Sent Gaming , drawn by Isabel Lucero and written by Mario Lucero. Based on a short story written in 2004, and released as an online manga in 2011. The stars of the comic are three boys, named Byron, Kevin, and Mario; and two secret agent girls named Isabel and Art.

Tropes in TWD:BD

  • Foreshadowing: The first several pages appear to be foreshadowing events throughout the future of the mange series. There is a nod to Ancient Conspiracy in those first pages as well.
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  • Real Place Background: The city and metropolitan area of Albuquerque are prominently featured.
  • Slice of Life and Life Embellished: based on the high school lives of Mario Lucero and Isabel Lucero.
  • Spy Fiction: Two young girls are Secret Agents, and are spying on the three chosen ones.
  • The Chosen One: The story centers around a prophecy about the end of the world. Three boys appear to be the chosen ones.

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